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We are an ‘Every Child a Reader’ school.  This means we have a trained reading recovery teacher and trained learning support assistants to help children move forward with their reading. 

Every Child a Reader (ECaR) is a strategic initiative for quickly raising attainment in literacy by using Reading Recovery to drive whole school improvement.

It aims to ensure that all children who need additional support with learning how to read and write are given access to the type of intervention they need. With ECaR, struggling readers and writers are able to bridge the attainment gap and achieve in line with age-related expectations or better. 

I can self-correct our errors when reading.

I can read with my finger and then my eyes.

I can use expression when reading.

I can read fluently.

I can understand what I have been reading.

We learn to visually discriminate letters.  We learn what a capital letter and a lower case letter looks like.  We learn that words are built from left to right.  When we finish we know the difference between a letter and a word.  We can find the first and last letter of a word and tell you how many letters are in that word.  We start to learn about onset and rime in words.

 We read four books in every lesson.  Two familiar and two new books.  We enjoy the characters in our books.

In each lesson we generate and write a sentence.  This is then cut up and re-arranged.  It is then sent home as homework.  This is to encourage the child to read their sentence fluently.

Parents are allowed to observe a lesson with the teacher.  These are a few of the comments we have had so far.


Phonics Booklet

Reading Booklet